Get Amazing Oil Paintings Picture Framing Services

An original oil or acrylic painting on canvas is always an impressive sight. The texture and depth are unique to the artform. Prints of oil paintings are never as impressive. So you need a picture frame that is just as impressive as your original art, to show it off to its full potential.

There are several different ways to mount an original painting for framing. But only one option is reversible and won’t actively damage the artwork: stretching. In very few scenarios would a picture framer recommend gluing a painting on canvas down. Glue is a permanent solution, and acids in the glues and MDF backing boards will damage the artwork. Canvas stretching is a reversible process, and if stretched by a professional picture framer, your painting on canvas will be taut for decades. Frames NOW’s picture framers have perfected the stretching process, and will guarantee a canvas stretch for life.

But canvas stretching alone isn’t enough to give your original painting the WOW-factor it deserves. Leaving a raw, stretched canvas on the wall often looks unfinished. A picture frame is required to give it the impressive look you’re after.

In the case of the painting shown above, a modern framing style was required. Unlike a classic painting which would normally have a gold, ornate frame. The white, curved frame leads the eye into the image. It also gives attention to the highliht areas in the painting. A slim black inner-frame gives a sharp finish to the white and balances against the dark details of the painting.

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