Frame Maintenance

In many cases, regular dusting is the only cleaning the frame needs. If you dust often enough to keep airborne dirt from sticking to the frame, there's often no reason to disassemble the frame or even wipe it down with a damp cloth. This does not apply to frames that are displayed in the kitchen or dining room. Because cooking food releases fat particles, the frame may need cleaning from time to time, no matter how good you dust wiping.

If you do more than dust and dust wiping, be sure to remove the murals before cleaning.

By pressing, even gently, on the top of the frame, you are putting pressure on the brackets or wire, which can cause them to weaken and break over time. When you remove the frame, take a moment to examine the hangers to make sure they are still securely attached and the wire has not come loose.

If you must use water or detergent, be sure to spray it on the fabric, not the frame; this prevents overstressing and seepage into the frame (for
wooden frames).


Wooden frames

Wood cleaner can be used. Dust on painted wooden frames (those with a soft sheen) when heavily soiled or dusty. A slightly damp cloth is also good for removing adhering dust.

For wooden frames with intricate patterns or small grooves, use a cotton swab or toothbrush to gently remove dust from hard-to-reach areas. If your wood frame isn't stained or painted, don't use powder spray on it; Untreated wood absorbs it and causes discoloration.

Metal Frame

If your metal frame is gold, silver, or aluminium, a slightly damp cloth should work well to remove the dust. A small amount of mild soap
can also be used for particularly heavy soiling. A cotton swab can get into small spaces, but a toothbrush is not recommended.

Use for all uncoated frames, e.g. solid pewter or sterling silver, use a silver cleaner and follow the directions on the bottle.

If you don't know your frame material, try your silver cleaning method. option on the back or bottom of the frame, where the finish is the same but no potential damage is seen.

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