Certificate Framing

Going About the Best Way to Protect Your Certificates

1, Protecting the Certificate

One of the most important things is a suitable frame that will protect the certificates, not only from tears and marks, but from sun and the frame itself. The best way to do this is to choose quality framing. The materials will not become acidic with time. Think of how an old newspaper looks yellow and off colour. That’s the last thing you want happening to your diploma or certificate.

2, Selecting the Right Matting

This is  about personal preference, and what will look best with your certificate. You might prefer a single mat, or a more complexity with an inner and outer mat. The idea is not to distract from the document itself.

The size of the matting is also something to consider A rule of thumb is to make the mat width 15 to 20 percent of the document’s smallest dimension. The point is to be small enough to not overtake the certificate, but large enough to give the document some weight.

3, Selecting the Frame Itself For the Certificate

Choose a frame that complements the certificate without taking attention away from it.

Then it can become a matter of taste and style. Do you want something simple and modern looking.Think about where the certificate will hang in your home and what will look best in your chosen spot.

4, Putting the Certificate in the Frame

Before touching the frame or certificate, make certain your hands are clean and dry.

First, ensure the diploma or certificate is flat. If it has been rolled up in a tube, take it out and place it between two clean, white towels. Place books atop that. Be careful not to put weight on any raised seal, as that could flatten the impression.

Put another clean towel on a flat work surface, and place the frame upside-down on top of it. Remove the backing and place your diploma or certificate appropriately within the frame and matting. Re-secure the backing, making sure it’s in place before putting the frame upright.

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