New Age framing services have drastically changed our knowledge of framing. From custom designs to acrylic frames, they each have their own unique benefits. An example of this is the block assembly. But what is that exactly? And is it really suitable for your artwork?

What is block mounting?

The process of gluing and mounting an artwork onto a solid backing plate is called block mounting. This is an inexpensive alternative to framing your picture. Block mounting actually falls into the category of custom designs. So, of course, personalization gives an artwork an enhanced look.

Artwork can be block mounted on a variety of supports including MDF board, foam board or a variety of polyurethane mat boards. The mats used for mounting blocks are typically 1 cm to 2 cm thick and often have a white or black border.

When to choose a mounting block?

For example, if you love a frameless finish or are on a tight budget, block mounting might be best for you. Here are some important factors to consider before mounting the
block as an alternative.

What is your budget?

Block assembly is cheaper than frame work. Typically, you can expect it to be half the price of framing a painting, possibly even greater savings.

How valuable is your artwork?

If you're feeling exhilarated by a valuable work of art or something that's impossible to replace, then block mounting may not be suitable.
The reason for this is that original or high-quality artworks should only be framed with conservation in mind. Any framing that is not conservation or block mounting can immediately destroy the value of your artwork and lead to deterioration over time.

How long do you want it to stay on your wall?

Block montage is perfect for you if you only want to showcase your information or artwork for a short time. Not only the low price, but also the low weight are advantages of the

However, a quality block mount on a polyurethane board can last for many years. For a little more protection, it is recommended to add a laminate that gives the image some resistance to permanent damage.

Is a lightweight product an advantage for the suspension system?

The lightweight backing plate has several advantages in terms of weight savings. The light bulk of your block mounted art means you have more options when choosing
wall mounts.

No need for rugged, obtrusive, and often challenging wall-mounting hardware.

Block mounting is a unique way to save money with fewer installation considerations. However, you should decide what type of graphic you want.


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